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PNR in the Indian railways system stands for Passenger Name record, it contains the passenger details as captured from fields filled in the internet booking form or the railways booking form. This ten digit unique PNR number is created by the computerized reservation system. (CRS) and printed on the top left hand corner of the train ticket.

The need for checking the most recent Indian railway PNR status arises in the following situation:

Tracking advancement of ticket that is booked. Assess the existing status of the ticket when the ticket is in waiting list or RAC (reservation against cancellation) when booked.

If the train is cancelled or on time examine the train status. There are other sources other than PNR additionally to locate this.

Stake claim from the railways ( filing to TDR) in case of train cancellation, ticket cancellation within 2 two hours before departure (after chart is prepaid) and after departure of train.

The most recent railway status PNR may be checked by the following ways

PNR standing through Internet

1) On the Net site of IRCTC (Indian railways catering and tourism corporation), a part of the Indian railways. Visit this link and enter the PNR number. User Name and password is required for this site. Should you do not have a brand new one can be generated by you and can be utilized in all further interactions with this particular website

2) Indian railways official website Click the PNR status link on this particular page or viit the page directly by the following link The following info can be on the web site along with PNR number

a) Trains between important stations.

b) Train / Fare lodging.

c) Train enquiry

d) Other information related to Railway

e) Zonal railway maps, Reserving locations, Layout of the berth, Internet booking etc.

PNR status through telephone / mobile phone

Passenger/Public can access the system through PSTN network and they can get present status of booking together with availability of accommodation in several categories of a particular train in three languages i.e. Hindi, English & Local language. The device prompts through voice guidance to select train number languages, PNR number and date. Telephone the Indian railways PNR enquiry number at 139 and follow your PNR/booked ticket’s status to be known by the IVRS.

Assessing PNR status

Depending on your own conditions and convenience there really are a couple of strategy to check the PNR status using SMS from your own mobile phone. SMS prices vary according to the service you choose. Listed here are various formats

a) SMS PNR to 54959

b) Write IRPNR [PNR number] send SMS to 57886 for Status of PNR

c) SMS PNR to 5676747, eg. PNR 2342368798

d) PNR status using google. Only send your 10 digit PNR number as the message (only the 10 digits, and no prefixes) to 9773300000. You’ll pay just the normal SMS fees. Google provides this service

Self Help kiosks at railway stations

Selfhelp touch screen Kiosks installed at major railway stations. Just key in the PNR number and you may get the PNR status instantaneously.

Enquiry counters at railway stations / Internet booking centers

The status may be checked with all the enquiry counter operator / railways booking operator in the railway station or at railway booking offices if the self help PNR kiosks are unavailable.

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Indian Railways: Ticket cancellation possible phones on 139, via SMS; Suresh Prabhu flags off featur

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Together with another user friendly feature being rolled out by the Indian Railways, passengers can now cancel confirmed train tickets booked through SMS or phone call at counters to 139 and claim refund for precisely the same.
By: PTI Updated: April 29, 2016 5:12 PM
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Together with yet another user friendly feature being rolled out by the Indian Railways, passengers are now able to cancel supported train tickets reserved to 139 through SMS or phone call and claim refund for the same. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu launched the two facilities now within his ministry’s endeavor to enhance the portfolio of passenger comforts.
There exists another facility that could be mostly welcomed by Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and foreign travelers, as they are able to reserve train tickets on Indian Railways with any international credit and debit card. As of now, only American Express international credit cards are taken at Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)’s portal.
For cancellation of Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter tickets, passengers must dial 139 and select option 6 from the primary menu of Interactive Voice Recorder (IVR). They are going to then get a one-time password (OTP). On validation of the OTP, cancellation will be processed. They have to get to the counter to get their refund.
Cancellation of tickets and refund of fare will be permitted not and only on fully confirmed PRS counter tickets in case of late running of trains or cancellation of trains.
Online cancellation or cancellation through 139 will soon be enabled only up to four hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train while refund of the amount may be collected only at the journey -commencing station on nearby satellite PRS locations defined by Zonal Railways.
Passengers may also cancel tickets that are confirmed through SMS by sending train number and PNR number to 139. User will get an OTP number, which has to be entered into for tickets that are cancelling.
Refund could be asserted during the initial two hours of the opening of the PRS counters about the next day for the tickets for the trains whose scheduled departure time is between 1801 hrs and 0600 hrs. For trains whose scheduled departure time is is between 0601 hrs and 1800 hrs, refund may be maintained up to four hours after the scheduled departure of the train during the working hours of the PRS counters where cancellation is permitted round the clock.

This facility will probably be accessible only to those passengers that have furnished their cellular telephone numbers at the time of booking the ticket. Also, no refund would be given following the expiry of the stipulated time limit.
IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Dr. A. K. Manocha said such a facility would tremendously help passengers in cancelling their confirmed tickets and getting refund.
There are times when passengers think it is difficult to achieve counters inside the stipulated time and cancel their tickets. Now cancellation is simply a phone call away and passengers do for doing so n’t need to race against time,” he added.
IRCTC will introduce a brand new page on its web site ( without any login for cancellation of counter tickets. They need to input PNR number and train number on the website along with captcha code. An OTP will be sent to the passenger on his mobile number for cancellation. Refund amount will also be shown to the passenger on the website.
For booking of train tickets by international travellers, IRCTC will now take debit card or any international credit at its portal through payment gateway supplied by Atom Technologies.
“Any credit or debit card issued outside India will probably be allowed for ticket booking using Atom Payment Gateway. At present, only American Express international credit cards are accepted in the IRCTC portal site,” Dr. Manocha said.
“This facility will help 3.56 lakh registered international users and NRIs who need to reserve tickets for themselves or for their family members in India,” he pointed out.
This facility WOn't be relevant to premium and Tatkal train tickets. Additionally, booking through international cards will be accessible at least two days.

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